Sports Injuries

Points To Remember About Sports Injuries
There are two kinds of sports injuries. Acute injuries happen suddenly, such as sprained ankles. Chronic injuries happen after you play a sport or exercise over a long period of time. Sports injuries are first treated with R-I-C-E: Rest, Ice, Compression (pressure on the injury), and Elevation (raise the injured area above the heart). Doctors will treat more serious injuries with medications, by limiting movement, or by recommending surgery, physical therapy, and rest. You can prevent many kinds of sports injuries by following safe exercise habits.

What are sports injuries?
Sports injuries are injuries that happen when playing sports or exercising. There are two kinds of sports injuries:
Acute injuries occur suddenly when playing or exercising. For example: Sprained ankles. Strained backs. Broken bones.
Chronic injuries happen after you play a sport or exercise for a long time.

Who gets sports injuries?
Anyone can get a sports injury.

What causes sports injuries?
The cause of sports injuries can include:
Accidents. Poor training practices. Improper gear. Being out of condition. Not warming up or stretching before you play or exercise.
How are sports injuries treated?
First treat sports injuries with R-I-C-E (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).
Rest. Decrease your regular activities and rest the injured area. Ice. Put an ice pack on the injury for 20 minutes, four to eight times per day. You can use a:
Cold pack. Ice bag. Plastic bag filled with crushed ice and wrapped in a towel.
Compression. Put even pressure on the painful area to help reduce the swelling. Elevation. Put the injured area on a pillow at a level above your heart.